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ECE 305 (Fall 2008) Page 1 of 1 Exercise 1 This “homework” will be treated as an extra credit homework. Turning this homework in is optional, and if you elect to turn this in, you may do so at any time before December 1, 2008 (Note that the week of December 1 is the last week of classes). Write-ups turned in on or after December 1 will not be accepted. This extra credit will be added to your regular homework grade. 1. How are wiring (and connectors) inspected for damage (bad insulation, breaks in
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Unformatted text preview: wiring, corrosion in connectors, etc.)? 2. How do ink-jet printers work? 3. How does a vending machine know the difference between a dime, nickel, quarter and dollar coin? 4. How does a CRT work? What about a cyclotron? What are the similarities and dissimilarities between a CRT and cyclotron? 5. How does an MRI machine work? 6. Can we design a “wireless” cell phone charger? 7. Can we design an “invisibility cloak”?...
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