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ECE 305 (Fall 2008) Page 1 of 1 Homework 1 Assigned : Wednesday September 3, 2008 Due : Start of class on September 10, 2008 1. In class, we derived the relationship between the instantaneous current () t z i , on a lossless transmission line, the instantaneous voltage waves () t z v , + and ( ) t z v , , and the characteristic impedance of the line (see the notes for a complete derivation of this relationship): () () () ( ) t z v t z v Z t z i , , 1 , 0 + = For a lossless transmission line, determine the instantaneous voltage () , vzt in terms of the instantaneous current ( ) , iz t + , ( ) , iz t and the characteristic impedance of the line. 2. (a) Text problem 2.2. Show the bounce diagrams for this problem.
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Unformatted text preview: (b) Modify the Matlab function tline1.m (posted on the class web site) to compute and plot (i) the load voltage (ii) the voltage at the center of the line, for each of the three load resistances. Attach the modified Matlab code, and plots of the desired voltages to your homework. Assume (for the purposes of the code) that the line length is one meter, and that the one-way delay is 0.5 ns. What is the wave velocity corresponding to this delay? 3. Text problem 2.3. 4. Text problem 2.5. 5. Text problem 2.6. Show the bounce diagrams for this problem. 6. Text problem 2.7....
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