The Gender of Sexuality

The Gender of Sexuality - Chapter 1: Sexual Desire and...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1: Sexual Desire and Gender Biological /physiological context of sex the use of genitalia to reproduce Social context a means of communicating feelings to each other, satisfying egos Sexual behavior the sexual acts that people engage in, not limited to pleasure but with seduction and courtship Sexual desire the motivation to engage in sexual acts o Ones sexuality both behavior and desire Gender the most significant dimension of sexuality ; biological and social contexts of sexual behavior and desire Gendered social processes determine what is appropriately masculine and feminine a sex difference at birth becomes amplified into gender difference with maturation Biology a critical factor in sexuality, humans are designed to respond to other humans All societies have their own rule for sex; biology varies widely [the way bodies behave during sex varies according to social beliefs] Testosterone levels higher levels associated with calmness, happiness, and friendliness Lower levels associated with aggression Social envt that shapes physiology testosterone levels adjusting to social status Estrogen levels associated with aggression, t riggers menstrual cycle Sexual Responses male sexual physiology has a quicker t rigger [excited sooner, orgasm sooner, require refractory pd before erection can begin again] Female sexual physiology is slower [increase of blood to genitalia takes longer and remains longer + no refractory period needed] Reproductive Fitness an assumption of sociobiological theory that humans have an innate impulse to pass on genetic material through successful reproduction Hypergamy older men choosing younger, fertile women younger women seeking older men with status, power & resources, a man that can provide for their children Sex positive societies vs. sex taboo societies o Culturally specific rules arise from different norms, the unwrit ten rules of society Social clothing for gender women in high heels, render women less physically agile o Dist inct ions are an important tool to society, guidance for how to be a culturally correct m or f...
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The Gender of Sexuality - Chapter 1: Sexual Desire and...

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