C11-5 Coca-Cola Company

C11-5 Coca-Cola Company - flows required to service debt....

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C11-5 Coca-Cola Company: Using long-term debt footnotes Requirement 1: The footnote indicate that $33 million of long-term debt is due in 2007. That is the amount shown as “current” in the footnote table. Requirement 2: The footnote goes on to indicate that the following amounts are due in each of the next five years: 2007 $ 33 million 2008 175 million 2009 436 million 2010 55 million 2011 522 million Requirment 3: This schedule of debt payments help the analysts forecast the company’s cash flow needs over the next five years. Analysts can then compare forecasts of the company’s operating cash flows with the cash
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Unformatted text preview: flows required to service debt. Requirement 4: Requirement 5: Requirement 6: Coca Cola is a world wide company that opeates in many foregin countries as well as the United States. In order to finance some of its international activities its needs to borrow money from foreign lenders. By borrowing from foreign lenders the outcom eis that it can reduce the companys exposure to foreign currency exchange rate risk but they can also increase the companys cost of borrowing if interst rates are lower in the U.S. than in foreign countries. Requirement 7: Requirement 8:...
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C11-5 Coca-Cola Company - flows required to service debt....

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