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1 Lecture 23: Process variations Process Variations Process Independent Techniques Process Corners Process corners describe worst case variations – If a design works in all corners, it will probably work for any variation. Transistors have uncertainty in parameters – Process: L eff , V t , t ox of nMOS and pMOS – Vary around typical (T) values Parameter spread Gate oxide thickness Mobility Gate length Threshold voltages Doping levels Parameter Variation Describe corner with four letters (T, F, S) – nMOS speed – pMOS speed –V o l t a g e – Temperature Fast (F) –L eff : short –V t : low –t ox : thin Slow (S): opposite PMOS NMOS fastP/slowN slowP/slowN slowP/fastN fastP/fastN Environmental Variation V DD and T also vary in time and space Fast: –V DD : high – T: low Some critical simulation corners include 70 C 1.8 T 125 C 1.62 S 0 C 1.98 F Temperature Voltage Corner F F F F Power S S S S Cycle time
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EEL6323-S10-HLec023-processCLKskew-4spp - Lecture 23:...

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