If today were my last day

If today were my last day - would appologize to my...

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If today was my last day I would do so many things that I'm afraid to do! I would sky-dive from way up high in an airplane. I would want to go out in the middle of the deep blue ocean and fish. I would want to swim with the sharks. In addition to doing all of the fun (yet fearful things) that I'd like to do, I would also try to make ammends with people. I would appologize to my family for wrong doings, I
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Unformatted text preview: would appologize to my god-daughters for not being there more for them. And lastly, the thing I would do if it were my last day would be to give hugs to all of those people close to me, and tell them that I love them. My grandma died recently and the last words she ever said to me was that she loves me, I cherish that memory! It looks like I would have a very busy day if today were my last day....
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