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Sheet1 Page 1 Victoria Daugherty COMP 110 Google Assignment 1. The mission of the Internet Crime Complaint Center is to allow consumers to report potential internet crimes such as nigeria n 2. A wiki is a website that allows anyone to edit and create an informational page. A WYSIWYG format is utilized. A wiki inclu d 3. Computers Plus, 301 S. Green River Road, 812-477-1123 CyberDads, 1100 W Lloyd Expressway #404, 812-454-9900 PCQuest, 1400 E Division St, 812-423-9693 4. a. 1990 b. Internet Safety 101: Computer Hoaxes, Rumors, And Urban Legends This web page offers information on common hoaxes, rumors and urban legends, it provides some examples, and says which 5. 605 web pages linked to
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Unformatted text preview: Fogler Library IS Tools Dshield 6. Your query - Dreamgirls - did not match any movie reviews, showtimes or theaters. 8. 1,730,000. The difference is that #7 would include terms that have ± vail or aspenW in the text whereas #8 would include 10. 1,020,000. George Mason University. The webpage contains information on this early use of computers and the developm 11. 24118.2000 MXN 12. 32 degrees, sunny, 9mph sw winds, 63% humidity 13. a. 2001 b. 422 c. amazon, best buy d. amazon 14. Did not return any results....
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