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Unformatted text preview: Victoria Daugherty ENG 009 D72 January 17, 2011 Definition Paragraph Homicide is a type of crime that involves killing another person. Some similar names that you may have heard of when referring to homicide would be murder, Unlike murder however, homicide is not always a punishable act by law. There are various types of homicide including reckless homicide (an example of this would be a drunk driver getting into an automobile accident and killing the other persons involved) , first degree murder (where the death was intentional and premeditated.) I personally know someone serving time in a Kentucky state prison for involuntary manslaughter which is a type of homicide, he is serving time because he failed to get a dependant the medical care that he needed and the child died. There are many ways that homicide can occur, some examples are drugs, guns, bare hands, knives, etc. To me homicide is a very cruel and heinous crime that nobody should commit, I don't feel that there is anything worth taking another humans life over. Homicide can either not be a punishable act or can carry sentences up to and including the death penalty where the state would execute the prisoner via lethal injection, which is the most common form of execution in today's society. As you can see homicide is a very serious crime and should be treated as such. ...
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