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Coffee Speech (word) - Coffee Speech Intro-Who enjoys...

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Coffee Speech Intro-Who enjoys coffee (starbucks, etc) As college students, I feel you all can relate. Coffee gives an extra boost of energy that many of us need to get through day. I. History A. First found in Ethiopia 1. Goat herder noticed goats had extra energy, ate some, and discovered effects. (coffee facts) 2. Soon spread through Africa, but Arabians 1st to drink 3. 2nd most traded good, coffee 1st (coffee facts) 4. Now grown in over 65 countries and only grown in HI and Puerto Rico in US. (coffee facts) 5. II. How to Order A. Figure out what you want 1. Many different kinds of coffee drinks. Basics: a) Coffee- black & plain. Add sugar/creme. Decaf? Very little caffeine b) Latte- espresso (gives caffeine, ground up beans), steamed milk, foam and flavoring c) Americano- shot of espresso w/hot water d) Mocha- essentially same as latte just w/ chocolate syrup e) Cappuccino- espresso, steamed milk, milk foam.
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f) Milk types-whole, non fat, soy 2. Sizes (show picture) mostly pertains to Starbucks
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Coffee Speech (word) - Coffee Speech Intro-Who enjoys...

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