Water persuasive speech (word)

Water persuasive speech (word) - Drink More I. Everyone...

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I. Everyone here has probably heard the phrase “drink more water” but most people do not pay attention these wise words. Instead people chose carbonated, sugary, and more expensive drinks that end up doing the opposite of what a liquid should do; hydrate you. A. Why is Water So Important? 1. 2/3 of our body is made up of water 2. It helps transport nutrients and oxygen in and out of our body’s cells. 3. Water is necessary for digestive absorption and circulatory functions 4. Many other benefits to drinking water along with it being necessary to live. II. Water provides many health benefits that other drinks do not do. A. Healthier Skin 1. Many women spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetics. 2. Instead they should turn to water 3. It is free and essential to keeping skin looking younger, less wrinkly, and prevents dryness. 4. Also when sweating, not only regulates our bodies’ tem- perature, but removes impurities in the skin and cleanses it. 5. If you want overall healthier skin, drink more water
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Water persuasive speech (word) - Drink More I. Everyone...

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