ART Appreciation sg - Rembrandt- 17th Century, mastered...

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Unformatted text preview: Rembrandt- 17th Century, mastered chiaroscuro & dramatic lighting influence by Caravaggio Philosophy in Meditation, famous for his use of dark and light color Piearro Scurro, used impasto (smearing on paint thickly with a knife) brush strokes got thicker as he grew older, many self portraits, non-finitio, looseness of his drawings captured personality Caravaggio- most influential Baroque painter. Went to jail for fighting. Used naturalism, diagonal light across religious scenes lighting technique is called tenebrism (gloomy or murky) painting recount climatic moments while powerfully suggesting the events that precede and follow, lighting coming through window is called cellar ligthing, used average people as models like other Baroqu painters, put a flashy object in the corner of the picture to break the barrier with the view feels as if you can touch the object Leonardo da Vinci- Renaissance Man, did everything, Most famous for Mona Lisa, RENAISSANCE WAS AROUND THE 1500 to 1600’s Michelangelo- Sistine Chapel (celieing and front wall.. celieing was old testament mostly adam and ever, creation stories etc, and the front wall (alter wall) is the last judgement, Pentimenti coverd up the naked parts, former student of Michelangelo), Renaissance, sculptor, turned down Sistine Chapel offer bc he wasn’t a painter, Statue of David, Pieta (virgin holding dead cross), dying slaves waking giants, all are non-finitio, drawings of crucifixtion Constantin Brancusi-...
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ART Appreciation sg - Rembrandt- 17th Century, mastered...

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