intelc91msvs2005opts - # $Revision: $ use mexutils;...

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# $Revision: $ $Date: 2008/11/04 19:40:27 $ use mexutils; sub intelc91msvs2005opts { #=================================================================== # intelc91msvs2005opts: Define where the Intel C++ compiler 9.1 is # installed. Also sets language, version, and environment variables. #=================================================================== my $input = shift; # This is where the vendor installs the compiler by default my $default_location = "C:\\Program Files\\Intel\\Compiler\\C++\\9.1"; # Return language/technology this compiler compiles. my @language_handled = ('C'); # Find MSVC80 my $msvc80_record = callstpfile($input- >{'matlab_bin'}."/mexopts/","msvc80opts.stp"); my $msvc80_location_fcn = $msvc80_record->{"locate"}; my @msvc80_locations = &$msvc80_location_fcn; my $msvc80_dir = pop @msvc80_locations; my $locate_fcn = sub { #=================================================================== # locate_fcn: A local function to return potential location where this
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intelc91msvs2005opts - # $Revision: $ use mexutils;...

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