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# $Revision: $ # Copyright 2008 The MathWorks, Inc. sub msvc90freeopts { my $input = shift; my $default_location = "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0"; my $sdk_dir = ""; my $registry_lookup_fcn = $input->{"registry_lookup"}; # Attempt to find the Windows sdk that corresponds to VS2008 my $sdk_dir = &$registry_lookup_fcn("SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Microsoft SDKs\\Windows\\" , "CurrentInstallFolder"); my @language_handled = ('C'); my $locate_fcn = sub { my @msvc9_roots = (); my $msvc9_root; # Search the default environment variable location. # Since MSVC 2008 Professional ed. and the Express ed. # use the same environment variable (VS90COMNTOOLS), # use the directory structure to differentiate between the two. if ($ENV{'VS90COMNTOOLS'} ne "" && -e "$ENV{'VS90COMNTOOLS'}\\. .\\. .\\VC\\bin\\cl.exe" && -e "$ENV{'VS90COMNTOOLS'}\\. .\\IDE\\VCExpress.exe"){ $msvc9_root = $ENV{'VS90COMNTOOLS'}; $msvc9_root =~ s|\\+Common7\\+Tools\\*$||i; $oldPath = $ENV{'PATH'}; $ENV{'PATH'} = "$msvc9_root\\Common7\\IDE;$oldPath";
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msvc90freeopts - $Revision $ Copyright 2008 The...

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