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rem @echo off rem OPENWATCOPTS.BAT rem rem Compile and link options used for building MEX-files with rem the Open WATCOM C compiler rem rem StorageVersion: 1.0 rem C++keyFileName: OPENWATCOPTS.BAT rem C++keyName: Open WATCOM C/C++ rem C++keyManufacturer: Sybase rem C++keyVersion: 1.7 rem C++keyLanguage: C++ rem rem $Revision: $ $Date: 2007/11/07 17:44:08 $ rem rem ******************************************************************** rem General parameters rem ******************************************************************** set MATLAB=%MATLAB% set WATCOM=%WATCOM% set PATH=%WATCOM%\BINNT;%WATCOM%\BINW;%PATH% set INCLUDE=%WATCOM%\H;%WATCOM%\mfc\include;%WATCOM%\H\nt;%INCLUDE% set LIB=%WATCOM%\LIB386\nt;%WATCOM%\LIB386;%LIB% set EDPATH=%WATCOM%\eddat set MW_TARGET_ARCH=win32 rem ******************************************************************** rem Compiler parameters rem ******************************************************************** set COMPILER=wcl386
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Unformatted text preview: set COMPFLAGS=-c -bd -5s -e25 -ei -fpi87 -zp8 -zq -fr# -DMATLAB_MEX_FILE set OPTIMFLAGS=-ox -DNDEBUG set DEBUGFLAGS=-d2 set NAME_OBJECT=/fo# rem ******************************************************************** rem Linker parameters rem ******************************************************************** set LIBLOC=%MATLAB%\extern\lib\win32\watcom set LINKER=wlink set LINKFLAGS=system nt_dll export %ENTRYPOINT% option caseexact libpath %LIBLOC% library libmx.lib, libmex.lib, libmat.lib, user32.lib set LINKOPTIMFLAGS= set LINKDEBUGFLAGS=debug all set LINK_FILE=file set LINK_LIB=library set NAME_OUTPUT=name %OUTDIR%%MEX_NAME%%MEX_EXT% set RSP_FILE_INDICATOR=@ rem ******************************************************************** rem Resource compiler parameters rem ******************************************************************** set RC_COMPILER= set RC_LINKER=wrc /q /fo=%OUTDIR%mexversion.res...
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