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1 MANAGERIAL FINANCE MGMT 109 Winter, 2011 University of California, Irvine PURPOSE: MGMT 109 is designed to familiarize students with the basic tools and concepts of finance, and enables students to pursue additional courses in investments, corporate finance, capital markets, and financial institutions. Financial Management topics include the time value of money, the valuation of riskless and risky assets, market efficiency, corporate investment decision making, etc. Instructor: Professor Lu Zheng Phone: 824-8365 Office: SB 409 E-Mail: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Sora Kim Phone: 878-6251 Office: SB 335 E-Mail: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: John Bae Phone: 375-5803 Office: SB 335 E-Mail: [email protected] PREREQUISITES : You should have a reasonable grasp of basic economics, statistics, algebra and accounting. As is true with most Finance classes, this is a quantitatively oriented class. We will not shy away from involved, complex calculations. You need to be prepared that this course will be very demanding in terms of work load. REQUIRED TEXT: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance , Ross, Westerfield, and Jordan; 9th standard edition.
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2 REQUIRED CALCULATOR: A financial calculator is required for this course. Many of the problems encountered in this course require arithmetic operations that are too complex to be solved by hand or with a non- financial calculator. The recommended calculator is the Texas Instruments Business Analyst II Plus (TI-BA II Plus), available at area bookstores and discount department stores. ADDITIONAL MATERIALS:
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Syllabus_11winter - MANAGERIAL FINANCE MGMT 109 Winter 2011...

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