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1. The business 2. Why it needs help (order entry, billing, inventory, accounting data access by management) 3. Carla was pushing for the use of IT (she has computer graphic design knowledge) 4. Analyzing the problems: a. How does the business work? (data flow diagram) Problems (the growth): 1. Inadequate capacity (amount of work, precision, timing) 2. Division of responsibilities a. The communication problem b. Accountability c. Procedure and policy (e.g. who can see, change, delete what?)
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Unformatted text preview: d. Performance evaluation 3. Control (after losing direct contact) a. Management awareness of status b. Diagnostics of where problem occur c. What to do next? Solutions? 1. Managerial solutions? (hire more people, rules and policies) 2. IT a. Increase data processing capacity b. Sharing data to avoid passing data c. Control data access/change/delete d. Keep an auditing trail e. Allow data query f. Generate reports...
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