Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 Psychotherapies: Treatments that...

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Chapter 13 Psychotherapies: Treatments that use psychological rather than biological means to treat psychological disorders. I. Insight Therapies: Approaches to psychotherapy based on the notion that psychological well-being depends on self-understanding. a. Psychodynamic Therapies: psychotherapies that attempt to uncover repressed childhood experiences that are thought to explain a patient’s current difficulties i. Psychoanalysis: the first psychodynamic therapy, which was developed by Freud and uses free association, dream analysis, and transference 1. Free Association: technique used to explore the unconscious by having patients reveal whatever thoughts, feelings, or images come to mind. a. Resistance: Avoid revealing certain thoughts by halting speech, forgetting appointments, or arriving late. 2. Dream Analysis: areas of emotional concern repressed in everyday life are symbolic in dreams 3. Transference: An emotional reaction that occurs during psychoanalysis, in which the patient displays feelings and attitudes toward the analyst that were present in another significant relationship 4. Object Relations: main goal of personality is to forge the functional links between self and others ii. Interpersonal Therapy: brief psychotherapy designed to help depressed people better understand and cope with problems relating to their interpersonal relationships 1. Unusual or severe response to the death of a loved one 2. Interpersonal role disputes 3. Difficulty in adjusting to role transitions such as divorce, career change, and
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Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 Psychotherapies: Treatments that...

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