Development and Spread of Universal Religions

Development and Spread of Universal Religions - Gotama...

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Humanities 1914, Fall 2010 Explorations in Traditional Asian Cultures The Development and Spread of Universal Religions (important name and terms discussed on Oct. 19 and 21; refer to discussion guidelines for Oct. 19) Processes associated with the development and spread of universal religions (see article on “The Spread of World Religions”): Voluntary association Syncretism/assimilation Pressured/forced conversion Politics 1. Early Theravada Buddhism
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Unformatted text preview: Gotama Siddhartha • Four Noble Truths • Eightfold Path • Middle Way 2. Mahayana Buddhism • Lotus Sutra • Bodhisattva 3. & 4 Islam Qu’ran (Koran) Muhammad Five Pillars : witness, prayer (5 times a day at particular hour), alms (zakat), fasting (during Ramadan), and pilgrimage ( hajj , to Mecca, emphasis human-hood of all Muslim no distinction of where you came from) Caliph Jizya Jihad Epic of Sundiata Sufi – voluntary association...
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