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Discussion Guidelines - Oct 18

Discussion Guidelines - Oct 18 - that their “tribal”...

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Humanities 1914, Fall 2010 Explorations in Traditional Asian Cultures Discussion Guidelines for Tuesday, October 19 The Development and Spread of Universal Religions Note: You may write a reflection paper on the selections you cover, either as a make-up or to avoid a subsequent reflection paper. To provide background for this assignment, read the following pages in Worlds of History, 4 th ed. : 198-199, 234-238, and 277-279 (corresponds to 187-188, 219-223, and 266-267 in 3 rd ed.). Also recommended are selections in Chapters 6 and 7 that are not the focus of this assignment. For the selection you are assigned, contemplate the following questions: What attracted followers to the new universal religions? What did the new religions offer
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Unformatted text preview: that their “tribal” predecessors or indigenous traditions lacked? What factors contributed to the acceptance and growth of the new universal religions? 1. Selections pertaining to early Buddhism on pp. 202-209 (4 th ed.) and 197-198 (3 rd ed., posted on Scholar (corresponds with 193-201, 3 rd ed.) ( last names A-C ) 2. Selections pertaining to Mahayana Buddhism on pp. 209-212, 254-259 (4 th ed.) (corresponds with pp. 240-259, 3 rd ed.) ( last names D-K ) 3. Selections pertaining to early Islam on pp. 259-267, 272-274 (4 th ed.) (corresponds with pp. 250-260 (3 rd ed.) ( last names L-P ) 4. More selections pertaining to early Islam, pp. 267-272, 275-277(only in 4 th ed.; posted on Scholar) ( last names R-W )...
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