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Humanities 1914, Fall 2010 Explorations in Traditional Asian Cultures Discussion Guidelines for Tuesday, September 28 Women in Ancient and Classical Societies Please note: If you need to make-up a reflection paper or want to “put one in the bank,” you may write on the section below for which you are responsible. To provide background for this assignment, read the following pages in Worlds of History : 1-2 (up to selection 1), 35-36, 164-165, and 196-197 (corresponds to 3 rd ed. pages 1-2, 26-27, 154-155, and 185-186). Also recommended are selections in Chapters 1 and 5 that are not the focus of this assignment. Read and analyze the reading selection listed below that you are assigned. 1. Reading #3, pp. 15-22 (only in 4 th ed.; posted on Scholar) ( last names A-C ) According to Margaret Ehrenberg, what important roles did women play in the agricultural revolution? When and how were their roles superceded by men? Feel free to question and challenge the Ehrenberg’s assertions.
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