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Humanities 1914, Fall 2010 Explorations in Traditional Asian Cultures Study Guide for the First Exam, Tuesday, September 21 You will need to bring a blue (exam) book to record your answers to the questions. The exam will consist of two parts as follows. ***Buy two at the bookstore*** Part I: Identification of Names or Terms (50%; 10 x 5% each) You will be given a list of 20 items from which you will be asked to identify/explain 10. You should include, if applicable, an associated time period (approximate centuries) and region, and something significant about the name or term (e.g., who someone was and what they accomplished). Names could include names of people, places, or works of literature. For places, their approximate location will need to be marked on a blank map. NAMES AND TERMS WILL BE DRAWN PRIMARILY FROM RELFECTION PAPER ASSIGNMENTS, OUTLINES, AND CLASS NOTES THAT HAVE BEEN POSTED. FOCUS ON ITEMS IN BOLD LETTERS. Part II: Essay
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