Indus and Yellow (Huang) Rivers Civilizations

Indus and Yellow (Huang) Rivers Civilizations - (available...

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Humanities 1914 Explorations in Traditional Asian Cultures Indus Valley and Yellow (Huang) River Civilizations Indus Valley Civilization: ca. 2600-1900 BCE Major sites: Harappa and Mahenjodaro Evidence includes: stone and bronze statues, terracotta figures, and soapstone seals See Ethno-archaeology Showed clips from A Story of India with Michael Wood , Part 1, “Beginnings”
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Unformatted text preview: (available at Newman Library, DVD 2713) Huang (Yellow) River Civilization Associated with Shang dynasty (1766-1050 BCE) Principle site: An Yang Evidence includes: oracle bones and bronzes Showed clip from Legacy (narrated by Michael Wood), “China: The Mandate of Heaven” (available at Newman Library, Video 4346, Program 3)...
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