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Medieval Civilizations

Medieval Civilizations - Regarding Islamic Civilization •...

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Humanities 1914, Fall 2010 Explorations in Traditional Asian Cultures Medieval Civilizations (notes from class on Tuesday, November 2) Began with stereotypes associated with “medieval,” most of these associated with medieval European civilizations, e.g., feudalism Then drew comparisons between medieval Islamic and Chinese civilizations, based on the following readings in Worlds of History , Chapter 10 (pages below from 4 th ed.). For each of the readings, political, economic, social, and cultural features identified, discussed and compared.
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Unformatted text preview: Regarding Islamic Civilization: • Islam: Sayings Ascribed to the Prophet ( hadiths ), pp. 289-291 (pp. 279-280, 3 rd ed.) o Contained references to caliph and sultan • Muhammad’s Night Journey, pp. 291-292 (not in 3 rd ed.) • Al-Tanukhi, A Government Job, pp. 293-295 (pp. 281-283, 3 rd ed.) Regarding Chinese Civilization: • Ichisada Miyazaki, The Chinese Civil Service Exam System, pp. 296-302 (pp. 287-294, 3 rd ed.) • Liu Tsung-Yuan, Camel Kuo the Gardener, pp. 303-304 (pp. 295-296, 3 rd ed.)...
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