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Identify Prob Distribution

Identify Prob Distribution - S tat 4714 In-class Exercise...

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Stat 4714 In-class Exercise on Probability Distributions Identify which probability distribution would be used to answer each question, along with the parameter and values for that parameter that would be used in the problem. Ex: negative binomial with p=.02 and r = 3 (1) How many times would you expect to toss a balanced coin in order to obtain the first head? Geometric p=.5 OR Negative binomial with r = 1 and p=.5 (2) A new surgical procedure is successful with a probability of .8. Assume the operation is performed 5 times and the results are independent of one another. What is the probability that all five operations are successful? Binomial n = 5 p=.8 (3) A jury of six persons was selected from a group of twenty potential jurors, of whom eight had a college degree and twelve who only had a high school diploma. What is the probability
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