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GRADE A B C D F Number 7 12 16 5 3 The above graph gives information on past grades and the number of students that made that grade. 1. What is the probability of making a B? 2. What is the probability of making at least a C? Two events A and B are mutually exclusive. Given P(A) = .30 and P(B) = .40 3. What is P(A intersection B) 4. What is P(A | B) Given the following information: P(A) = .40 and P(B) = .60. It is also know that P(A intersect B) = 0. Suppose P(C | A) = .20 and P(C | B) = 0.05. 5. Are A and B independent? 6. Compute P(A intersect C) 7. Compute P(B intersect C) 8. House and gardens states that in 1% of households men do most of the child care. If a sample has 30 homes, what is the probability that at most one household had
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Unformatted text preview: male childcare? 9. The probability of a success is 30%. If we looking for 8 successes, what is the probability that it will happen on the 30th trial? 10. One report stated that 64% of people live in the same state that they were born in. What is the probability that in a sample of 10 people that at least 8 live in the same state as where they were born? 11. Suppose 300 misprints are distributed randomly throughout a book of 500 pages. Consider the probability that a given page contains a). exactly 2 misprints b). 2 or more misprints. Hint: p=300/500 the probability that a page has a misprint....
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