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Stat 4714 Exam 2 Sample questions (1) We collect a sample of the new light bulb design. We create a box-plot to summarize the data. Which of the following is true regarding the box-plot? 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 Life Spans Life Span (in Thousands) of "Earth Light" bulbs a) There are no outliers. b) The median is approximately 9.5. c) The third quartile is approximately 13.5. d) The box-plot is symmetric. e) None of the above is true. 2. Which statistic(s) is sensitive to outliers (extreme values)? a) mean b) std dev c) median d) IQR e) range 3. Which of the following integrals would be used for finding the expected value of the random variable Y? ∫∫ ∫∫ y x y y x x dy y x xf d dx y x yf c dxdy y x yf b dy y x yf a ) , ( ) ) , ( ) ) , ( ) ) , ( ) 4) If f(x) = 2x and f(y)= 3(y-2), find f(x,y) if X and Y are independent. 5) The thickness of metal plates made by a particular machine is normally distributed with a mean of 4.3mm and a standard deviation
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