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Exam 1-113-Samplew10Q - Developmental Psychobiology...

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Page 1 Developmental Psychobiology Name :______________________________ Psychology 113, winter 2010 First Exam There are 23 sample multiple-choice questions (each worth 2.5 pts.). Good luck! 1. What is the Baldwin effect? a. Being a good actor or actress. b. The theory that when the same problem recurs in many generations and if its solution has important fitness consequences, then natural selection will favor organisms that can solve the problem quickly. c. The theory of the evolution of selfish genes via lateral transmission of genes through viral vectors. These genes subsequently alter rates of learning in their hosts. d. One of the factors involved in the extinction of the dinosaurs. 2. What is an example of Anthropomorphism? a. Observing a birds behavior in a laboratory setting. b. Training a dog to bark on command. c. Studying the negative effects of an animal's immune system to stress. d. Interpreting your cat's meow as "good morning". e. Moving your pet rat's cage to a warmer environment during the winter. 3. Scientific perspectives on phenomena are especially important for developmental psychobiology (DP) because: a. It is a field of science that must integrate different scientific disciplines. b. The phenomena investigated by DP are complex and a scientific perspective focuses our attention on different aspects of complexity. c. We need to know the different scientific perspectives so that we can explain the phenomena of DP in terms of the biochemistry of gene expression and regulation. d. Both a and b. e. All of the above. 4. __________ work involves scientists from different fields bringing their knowledge and insights to a certain problem and the fields are not changed in the process. In ________ work, however, there is exchanging of ideas between fields and at least one discipline is changed. a. Interdisciplinary; multidisciplinary b. Conference; transdisciplinary c. Multidisciplinary; interdisciplinary d. Transdisciplinary; conference 5. What are the two kinds of levels of organization? a. cells and elephants b. atoms and galaxies c. what things are made of and their interactions d. form and function
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Page 2 6. Ernst Mayr introduced a distinction between open and closed developmental programs. Which if any of the following statements are true about this distinction. a.
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Exam 1-113-Samplew10Q - Developmental Psychobiology...

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