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Page 1 Developmental Psychobiology Name :______________________________ Psychology 113, winter 2010 Second Exam There are 13 multiple choice questions (each worth 2.5 pts., for a total of 100 pts.). Take your time & Good luck! 1. Research on gene expression and regulations reveals that a. behavioral development can be largely explained by gene instructions. b. the Kramer effect is as important than gene expression and regulation in behavioral development. c. The range of reaction in development is greater for gene expression than for gene regulation. d. gene regulation of the vestibular system is critical for early development of more behavioral characteristics than were originally expected. e. environmental variables can influence the expression and regulation of genes during development. 2. Complete the series (to the right with the best answer: a. 1 b. 3 c. 5 d. You have got to be kidding, there is no clear answer to this problem. 3. Self-Organization occurs _______. a. when the self comes to realize its behavior is organized. b. when the self comes to realize its behavior is disorganized. c. when the genome programs the development of the brain. d. when a system of parts (e.g., web worms, ants, single cells, flocks of birds) interact in ways that can be described by simple rules and result in organized patterns of behavior. 4.
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Exam2-Sample-w10Q - Developmental Psychobiology Psychology...

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