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Developmental Psychobiology Name :______________________________ Psychology 113, winter 2010 Third Midterm There are 10 sample multiple-choice questions 1. Which of the following is NOT (a) contribution(s) of developmental psychobiology to cognitive development? a. The recognition that since both internal and external elements to the system are important for its achievements, different combinations of internal and external elements can form similar-appearing achievements. b. New psychological achievements grow out of raw materials present only at later phases of development. c. The recognition that the development of the nervous system is intimately dependent on contextual effects originating from both within and without the individual. d. The individual is part of a structured system that also includes the immediate social and physical surroundings. However, this is only true during the earlier phases of development. e. Both b and d are false. 2. During development in birds and mammals, order of sensory development is a. vestibular, tactile, auditory, and visual. b.
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Sample-3-113-Qs-w10 - Developmental Psychobiology...

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