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Owings/Laredo Summer Session II 2009 PSC113: Rock Squirrel Antisnake Behavior Lab The Study For this laboratory we will be observing digitized video footage from a field experiment in which rock squirrels ( Spermophilus variegatus ) were exposed to snakes tethered near their home burrows. You may be surprised to see how assertive these squirrels can be toward snakes. The field site is an urban one, on the campus of New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This is essentially the same population as the urban population in the article you are assigned below (Owings et al., 2001), but 3 years later, i.e., 1999 instead of 1996. Your lab will extract data for a number of 5-minute trials (adults and juveniles each confronting a gopher snake and a rattlesnake on two separate trials). You will find in your reading that adult squirrels from this population did not distinguish more dangerous, venomous rattlesnakes from less dangerous, nonvenomous gopher snakes in 1996, apparently because their natural experience with snakes is very limited in this urban setting. One
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rocksqbehavlab_ss2_09 - Owings/Laredo Summer Session II...

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