Biol110-10-Lecture 3-Membranes

Vesicle mediated c phospholipid exchange protein a

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Unformatted text preview: sicle-mediated C. Phospholipid exchange protein A. flipases Lipophilic dyes can be used to visualize membranes- DiOC6 (low concentration) mitochondria DiOC6 (high concentration) Mitochondria, ER, etc Tools in cell biological research- Detergents and membrane solubilization Membrane solubilization with non-ionic detergents Detergents Triton X-100 Octyl-glucopyranoside Non-ionic detergents can dissolve membranes, and can solubilize membrane proteins without affecting their structure and function. The water channelDiscovery of these water channels led to a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993 to Dr. Peter Agre Cell osmolarity- solute concentration macromolecules organic molecules ions Cellular mechanisms for dealing with osmolarity issues- Active ion pumps Cell wall and turgor pressure in plants Water extrusion Biol110-10-Discussion Sections & TA Office Hours Ramón Ramón Kevin Michael Michael Kevin No need to enroll, just attend the section you want as long as it is not full (44 students)...
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