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Biol110-10-Problem Set#1A

Biol110-10-Problem Set#1A - How did they finally figure it...

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Student number__________ Grader number___________ Biol110-Cell Biology Spring 2010 Problem Set#1 [1] What gives cells their shape? (2 pts) Why do cells adopt different shapes? (1 pt) For example, why are neurons large and branched (1 pt) and why are lymphocytes (B and T cells) small? (1 pt) [2] What two key cellular features distinguish prokaryotes from eukaryotes? (2 pt) Where do archeabacteria usually live (1 pt), and why did it take scientists so long to realize that they were evolutionarily distinct from eukaryotes and prokaryotes? (1 pt)
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Unformatted text preview: How did they finally figure it out? (1 pt) [3] What kind of microscope would you need to visualize the following (1 pt each): a) the organization of cells in tissues b) mitochondrial dynamics in cells c) the three dimensional shape of a ribosome d) the interface between the big and small subunits of a ribosome at atomic resolution e) the surface (topography) of a biological sample...
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