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Biol110-10-Problem Set#3A

Biol110-10-Problem Set#3A - What energy source is initially...

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Student number__________ Grader number___________ Biol110-Cell Biology Fall 2010 Problem Set#3A Question #1: Mitochondrial Biogenesis (answer in 20 minutes) Where are the majority of mitochondrial proteins synthesized in cells and how are they recognized and targeted specifically for incorporation into mitochondria? (5 pts) In the early days of mitochondrial protein import studies, what was the decisive experiment used to demonstrate that mitochondrial precursors must first unfold prior to their translocation across membranes? Also, why is unfolding a pre-requisite for translocation? (8 pts)
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Unformatted text preview: What energy source is initially used to move the leader peptide across the TIM translocon, from the inter-membrane space, prior to engaging chaperones in the matrix? Describe a simple experiment to test your idea in vitro? (7 pts) What type of carrier proteins (or protein complex) do you think the mitochondrial translocons are (e.g. passive or active; uniporter, symporter or antiporter; plain channels or ligand-activated channels)? Explain your answers (5 pts)...
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