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Student number__________ Grader number___________ Biol110-Cell Biology Fall 2010 Problem Set #6 Question #1- Late Secretory Pathway and Signal Transduction What prevents lysosomal enzymes from being prematurely active in the secretory pathway prior to their arrival at the lysosome? (4 pts) The disease familial hypercholesterolemia was linked to a mutation in what human protein? How does this mutation affect this protein’s function, and how is the defect manifested at an organism level? Explain.
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Unformatted text preview: (5 pts) Why do cells need signal transduction pathways? What general intracellular programs are altered as a response? What are cells been told to do by these signals? (5 pts) What makes a cell-cell signaling molecule such as NO a fast-response primary messenger in comparison to a mitogen such as the platelet derived growth factor? Explain. (6 pts)...
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