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Lecture1 - Welcome to BIOC100a website...

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1 Welcome to BIOC100a! website: bio.classes.ucsc.ed/bmb100a/Announcements Enrollment Issues Bio100K Biochemistry 100A (BMB100A) 1st in a series- big themes of principles of macromolecular structure/function and information transfer in life systems Instructors: Melissa Jurica (1st half), Manny Ares (2nd half) First off- enrollment issues: This class may be oversubscribed. Those of you who are trying to get in, please come and fill out the waitlist for permission codes- either at the break or at the end of class. PLEASE: If you do not need this course as a major requirement, drop it so that we can let someone who does need it in. We will do our best to accommodate, but fire regulations limit how many bodies we can pack in this room. Also, there are still some open spots in Bio100K, the new 2 unit biochemistry lab. You can enroll online (with pre-reqs of course). Today I’m going to go over the basic information for the course and policies. All this information is found on the class website. Please check the website regularly for announcements. Course basics: Instructors, office hours, TA’s, discussion sections, exam dates. (no sections this week) Text book: There is a reader at the bookstore. It has chapters out of a new textbook that we’ve been given permission to try. Other good textbooks. Websites. Importance of reading- hearing the material in a well organized, clear manner. Level of detail varies. Course policies: evaluation, read website for other grading or testing questions. Contacting me: PLEASE use the class bulletin board for all questions. Usually other students have the same questions. Only PRIVATE emails with BIOC100A in the header. Syllabus- My lectures are pretty set, but Manny may rearrange his topics. Course policies TA's: Rebecca Roha, Warren Francis Discussion sections: attendance not taken, but there will be periodic quizzes in discussion. Also, I will provide weekly problem sets, but I will not post answers. Discussion section will be your opportunity to get help and find out if your answers are correct.
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2 Approach to learning: I want to spend some time before we dive into material talking about how to do well in this course. First, let’s think about the “level” this course. Have you seen Blooms taxonomy? This is an Upper division course- moving from remembering/understanding concepts to applying, analyzing and evaluating concepts But what does that really mean? I think of biology in some ways as a foreign language. Before you can work in the language, you have to know the basics terms and grammar. These are things that you learned in lower division courses. From here on we are going to have deeper conversations about how biology works on a chemical/molecular scale. In Euk, I’m going to ask you to think about how we use experiments to actually discover how biology works. At this level, it’s mainly working to understand previous experiments and to set up small thought experiments using the logic of the scientific methods. If you plan on going to graduate school, you will be required
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