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Quiz 6 - Bio 221 Name Zea Quiz#6 1 Consider the DNA...

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Unformatted text preview: Bio 221 Name Zea; Quiz #6 1. Consider the DNA replication bubble shown below. Where would Okazaki fragments be found? Mi. ‘ “‘35:!“ ’1 V ; A. At 1 and 2 m B. At3and4 3'——f.' . 3. ,——5' C. At 2 and 3 5- ‘ ‘1 ' ’ 3' D. At 1 and 4 5'1 r» B. At 2 only a Um 2. Which of the following is NOT needed to replicate DNA? A. a template B. aprimer C. apromoter ~ WW" (MA Wl‘ L‘V‘h 1L- +m’wV-{w' D. afree 3’ OH - #w. per vafhi {rim E. deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates 1%.ka °‘ “N” 3. What is a "codon"? 0~ 0‘ rs _ °‘ W .41.. J». 1‘“ . . W W (144" +L y. A. the part of the tRNA that recognizes a particular amino acid ’ 5 Y B. the part of the ribosome that catalyzes the peptidyl transferase reaction C. the sequence of nucleotides to which RNA polymerase binds - FmMé‘ ’ D. the part of the tRNA that recognizes the mRNA - amt—8 “Jon, E. a group of three mRNA nucleotides that is translated into an amino acid 4. How is a tRNA matched with a specific amino acid? arm-WM“ ' A. The tRNA anticodon binds the R-group of the amino acid. / B. There is an enzyme that recognizes both the tRNA anticodon and the amino acid. C. The amino acid binds to the ribosome’s E site, the tRNA to the P site. D. When the tRNA is synthesized, the amino acid is already in place E. There is only one type of tRNA. The amino acid is specified by the ribosome. 5. One difference between an activator and a repressor is . . . @ ‘ ® I]: (- 5nd»: )n'él- A. a repressor binds downstream of a promoter; an activator binds upstream B. a repressor is a protein; an activator is just an environmental signal - seek ”new” C. a repressor never binds an inducer, but an activator does ~ 59% tom Lmé c... TA W D. a repressor represses transcription, but an activator activates translation — back (3v Eme‘p 6*“ E. a repressor binds only to RNA; an activator binds only to DNA” 0% 6.». a (:0 M . ...
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