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Quiz 7 - Bio 221 Name Keg(Please PRINT clearly Quiz 7 aw...

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Unformatted text preview: Bio 221 Name Keg (Please PRINT clearly) Quiz 7 / aw 4° W I. You have cloned the green fluorescent protein (GFP) gene next to the promoter for the proP gene. For what purpose have 3mm? ,Tt m-‘Jkt ma. mm, M W‘s M“) A. To cause a mutatlon 1n the proP gene Y” .L: A ‘_ t . B. To induce transcription of the proP gene C. To make a library containing the GFP gene D. To use GFP as a reporter gene to report proP promoter activity E. This is the first step in cloning the proP gene into a foreign host L' £30le: d ruff-flit cram-‘Jm‘J OMA- .,._ ,y-kmloé u‘n stuémv-J. 2. How isaDNA librar “screened”? #‘ W Y” 1' y 1.73:» wt «M “’“v wwwcfiw’w‘” ’ k / A. An electric field is used to force it through a gel matrix B. A labeled probe is hybridized to DNA from colonies imprinted on filter paper C. A special DNA polymerase makes billions of copies of DNA from the library ~ pm D. DNA ligase joins the ends of DNA fragments from the library E. 20% glycerol is added and the library is placed at —70°C in a small tube I 3. Algae are classified based upon. . . A. Their photosynthetic pigments B. Their form of motility — PNb°2~w~ C. Their method of sexual reproduction - «Cu/:3 i. D. Whether they are prokaryotic, eukaryotic or archaeal ' 0-“ ML awkwo Hf- E. Whether they are autotrophs or heterotrophs _ «UL “13”, 4‘ add 5 ’ 05“?” Hug) 4. The main human organ affected by schistosomiasis (bilharzia) is the . . . A. Brain 7"” “‘1‘“ Mr?“ + mr‘raofém [arm B. Liver M hum”. . Jag] 55.11 C. Intestine D. Lung E. Skin ‘ Wban‘a MM 5/cm/ bail” (1M7: Fri-Fact: it. 5. Which of the following is the unique step in the retroviral life cycle? A. Attachment to receptors Lt (ave/5c 5:.an 5» \“m M V!“ B- Uncoating (flkfim’t a,_ [NVDMS | W” C. Integration with the host’s DNA J "’ s \< D. Assembly of new virions “M E. Release by budding ...
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