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Quiz 8 - Bio 221 Name Key L o b 31 5:5 0K ’14“ M G. A...

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Unformatted text preview: Bio 221 Name Key L o b} 31' 5 :5 0K ’14“; M' G.» A S0 5 .I .I 1. Which of the following is a characteristic of the adaptive immune response? Al», N 2 w-u—lu A. it responds instantly to an invasion by bacteria/ / ,mer— B. it involves barriers to infection like skin and ciliated epithelial cells C. it uses lymphocytes to respond to an infection — B was + Tull; a... (y «7‘» c7ch D. its main action is to send phagocytes to engulf and digest bacteria — y‘nnu‘c B. it cannot distinguish our own cells from those of an invading bacterium ' \ a... 4.34%....1. up -- 1C... "M-ch " Quiz #8 2' What Chemical signal “recruits” phagocytes to the site of an infection? ' M“ («In A. interleukins —- 444V“! “v 0y!” B. chemokines ~ebwtolwxfs C. interferon \ an-lwmi D. PMN _ 0L l”, f, ”Y“ E. antibodies\"—7 ([9 M6. «day; pvt .mmww. W ’4 W1 3. How do phagocytes recognize pathogens? Mmk it‘lpgw'” . . . " 5"“ W. A. by chemotaXIS Slgnals sent from the pathogen N?) NJ". B. pathogens produce toxins that the phagocytes destroy .1 ,L. TL ' C. by the unique shape and size of pathogenic cells , 5'“ D. pathogens have unique surface structures called PAMPs E. specific DNA sequences from the pathogen are recognized by probe-like molecules from the immune system 4. One of the complement activation pathways is called the “alternate” pathway. What is different between this pathway and the “classica ” pathway? A. It uses an alternate protease, which does not require antibodies, to cleave factor 5. B. It opsonizes bacteria with an alternate factor instead of factor 3b.~ C 3 b J. H»; of Jean M «M C. It only kills infected “self ’ cells, rather than pathogenic bacteria. 3 ”Him: D. It uses an alternate membrane-attack complex. —- C 5' 5 WA «W»... p.» W .c. 0.113 W E. It alternates between inducing inflammation and keeping fever from getting too high. 5. Maj or histocompatibility complex II (MHC-II) molecules are found on . . . c .. A. All nucleated cells ’ MH I B. Polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs) « not Aflc s ’ ‘wk or». (iv-jot,” C. Tcells ~mt AM, Mr pkg.” 6e: D. Granulocytes _. cyé’pttrswrg jmnM 1.. DIM-J75 ”5.1mm, E. Antigen Presenting Cells WW a 60' WM Y“, EM“? '“7 [3.041(1) ...
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