F2010HW2KEY - Bio 221 Fall 2010 Homework #2 KEY This...

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Unformatted text preview: Bio 221 Fall 2010 Homework #2 KEY This homework consists of 6 questions, worth 1 point each. Please type the answers on a separate sheet of paper, double spaced. (Sketches may be drawn by hand.) There is no need to turn in the questions along with your answers. If you use more than one sheet, please staple them together. (There is not a stapler available in the lecture room.) Please remember to put your NAME at the UPPER RIGHT CORNER of your homework. You can pick up the graded homework from my office (G-232) if you wish to have it back. The key will be posted online immediately after lecture. This homework is DUE: MONDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2010 BY 1:30PM. 1. Make a sketch showing Z-scheme, or oxygenic, photosynthesis. On the diagram, indicate :- the main electron flow pathway- how ATP and reducing power are made- where oxygen is generated 2. Sketch a bacterial DNA replication bubble. At each replication fork, label the ... o leading and lagging strands o 5' and 3' ends of the original DNA o primer(s) o helicase o DNA polymerase o DNA gyrase helicase NADP NADPH (reducing power) PS2 PS1 H 2 O (electron donor) O 2 (oxygenic) PMF ATP 2. The following segment of double stranded DNA is transcribed by 70 RNA poly- merase. Copy and paste the sequence from this page to your answer paper....
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This note was uploaded on 01/17/2011 for the course BIOLOGY 221 taught by Professor Walter during the Fall '10 term at Purdue University-West Lafayette.

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F2010HW2KEY - Bio 221 Fall 2010 Homework #2 KEY This...

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