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Quiz 3 1. The main goal of ergonomics is to attain the optimal relationship between workers and their environment. A. True B. False 2. All of the following are characteristics of Diarthroses (or Diarthrotic joints) EXCEPT: A. Have a joint cavity B. Joint freely move C. Are covered by fibrous cartilage D. Can perform movements such as flexion and extension E. All of the above are true 3. The body consists of a total of ____ bones with each hand and wrist comprised of ___ bones and each foot comprised of ____ bones. A. 250, 28,26 B. 206, 26, 28 C. 150, 33, 26 D. 206, 28, 26
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Unformatted text preview: E. 206, 33, 28 4. Intervertebral disks are A. Vascular B. Fed by active transport of nutrients into the interior C. Filled with viscous fluid of the consistency of crab meat D. Made of hyaline cartilage E. Kept in good condition by infrequent changes in pressure on the disk. 5. Most work related back injuries occur in the A. Sacral region B. Thoracic region C. Between the Thoracic-Lumbar (T12-L1) region D. Between the Lumbar and sacral region, that is between the 5 th lumbar (L5) and first sacral (S1) vertebrae...
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