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ECE3040_Homework8 - (30 points 3 MOSFET I-V...

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ECE 3040B: Homework #8 Due Date: April 3, 2009 Page 1 of 1 G EORGIA I NSTITUTE OF T ECHNOLOGY S CHOOL OF E LECTRICAL AND C OMPUTER E NGINEERING ECE 3040B: Microelectronic Circuits Spring Semester 2009, Homework #8 Homework Due Date: Friday, April 3, 2009 Note : Jaeger, Blalock use different abbreviations than Pierret Pierret: I D = Z μ n C o L (V g V T )V D V D 2 2 ; Jaeger, Blalock: I D = K n ' W L (V GS V TN )V DS V DS 2 2 with K n ' = μ n C o ,W = Z,V GS = V g ,V TN = V T ,V DS = V D 1. Pierret, Problem 16.4 (a)–(d) (20 points) 2. Pierret, Problem 16.7 (a)–(i)
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Unformatted text preview: (30 points) 3. MOSFET: I-V Characteristic (20 points) The output characteristic for an NMOS transistor (I D vs V DS for different V GS ) is given in the graph on the right. What are the values for K’ n W/L and V TN for this transistor? 4. MOSFET: Q-Point Analysis (30 points) Find the Q-point for the transistor (a PMOS transistor) on the right. Assume that V TP = –1 V, W/L = 1/1 and K p ’ = 25 μA/V 2 ....
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