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Kirk Poucher, gtg320h ECE3041 L03 HW Writing Assignment #1 Mac vs PC Recommendation The purpose of this report is to recommend, through qualitative comparison, which computer format the Georgia Tech faculty should purchase for student laboratory usage. The three criterion used for this comparison are value, software compatibility, and user familiarity/comfort. These comparisons were made by taking systems with similar performance specifications, and evaluating them in these three categories. All four systems (1 Mac, 3PC) were rated at processor speeds of 2.5 GHz or higher, 512 MB or more of ram, and 17” flat panel displays. Based on the given criterion, it is recommended that Georgia Tech purchase PC formatted computers for student laboratory usage. Dollar value is of high importance in any real world situation, and this comparison is no different. In terms of pricing , the PC systems (average retail price $725) were less than half of the price of a similarly performing Macintosh computer ($2499).
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Unformatted text preview: This vast difference was definitely a factor in our recommendation given the large quantity of computers being purchased. Compatibility is another important factor when comparing computer systems. Two highly utilized software packages for ECE students, OrCads PSpice and National Instruments Multisim, are not compatible with MacOS. This is a major problem since many of the students assignments rely on these programs. The final point of comparison between the two systems was user familiarity/comfort, because the more confident the end user is with the chosen platform, the more productive his or her experience will be. 90% of those surveyed said that they had a PC based home computer, which is likely the system that they are most comfortable using. This, along with the other two given criterion, is why it is recommended that Georgia Tech purchase PC based computer systems....
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