HW1 - design the circuit such that io = vJI(K.Q). VI V2 3....

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Georgia Institute of Technology School of Electrical and Computer Engineering EE 3040 C Homework 1 Due: Friday 08/29/2003 in class I. (25 points) In the circuit shown below, fmd an expression for the output voltage in terms of irn . - R Vo i11l 111 - - c 2. (25 points) The following figure shows a current source that forces a current through the load ZL. Find an expression for io. If we have one input voltage Vs.
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Unformatted text preview: design the circuit such that io = vJI(K.Q). VI V2 3. (25 points) Find the transfer function Av(s)=vo(s)/vs(s) for the following circuit. 1 ..[ i ! Vo .~-: 1 , " j . 'I-C '.of I '" y 4. (25 points) For the circuit shown below, fmd expressions for the output voltages VOl and Vo2 in tenns ofvs. Vol--L . + v, Vo2-1-- - -- - -- _.,~ - - ';-'-; .; : , ,. -...
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