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HW2 - plane with and axes Then find the components of two...

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Georgia Institute of Technology School of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 3040A Microelectronic Circuits Homework 2 Due: Friday 09/08/2008 in class 1. By considering atoms as hard sphere, find the filling factor (maximum occupation by atoms) in a body-centered cubic lattice and in a diamond lattice. 25 points 2. Find the density of based on its lattice constant ( ), atomic weights of and , and Avogadro’s number . 25 points 3. Show that the plane represented by and the direction represented by are perpendicular. To do this, first find the intersection point of a
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Unformatted text preview: plane with and axes. Then, find the components of two vectors in the plane by connecting two intersection points at a time. Finally, show what both these vectors are perpendicular to the direction. You can use the following formula to find the angle between two arbitrary directions (or vectors) and . 25 points 4. Assuming the crystal structure to be cubic, find the Miller indices for the two planes and a vector shown below. For each of the two planes, find the miller indices of the perpendicular direction to the plane ( Hint: use the results of Problem 3 ). 25 points...
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