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HW7 - Georgia Institute of Technology School of Electrical...

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Unformatted text preview: Georgia Institute of Technology School of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 3040A Homework 7 Due: Friday 10f17l2008 in class 1. (25 points) Draw qualitatively, the energy band diagram for a Si p-i-n-i-p device at equilibrium. Assume that in the p regions NA = 1t}16 cm'3, and in the n region ND =10'60m'3. 2. (25 points) The input voltage (vs) for the half-wave rectifier circuit shown in Figure P2 is a sinusoidal function of time with frequency f = 60 Hz and peak amplitude VP = 10 V. For this circuit, find '(a) The minimum value of capacitance (Cmin) required to maintain the ripple voltage to less than 0.25 V if R = 0.5 Q. (h) The value of DC output voltage if the diode has a voltage drop of IV. For this part assume R m 0.5 Q, and-C = Cm found in part (a). (c) The peak Inverse Voltage (PIV) across the diode. 'F‘sfl 0‘04— P2. T 3. (25 points) For the regulator circuit shown in Figure P3, find: ' (a) The maximum load current IL that can be drawn from the regulator if it is to maintain a regulated output voltage (b) The minimum value of RL that can be used and still have a regulated output voltage. (0) Power dissipation in the Zener diode for RL = 18 K5). 4. (25 points) Use SPICE to generate and plot the voltage transfer characteristic for the circuit shown in Figure P4 in the range —10 V < V; < 10 V. Also, plot the output voltage (v0) as a function of time if the input voltage is via) = 7 Sin (100m) V. ism 1:.- ...
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