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Final Exam Lecture Study Guide Everything discussed in lecture (including specific examples) may be on the test. The following questions are to guide your study efforts; but all lecture material should be studied. Relational Communication 1. What is the “interactional” nature of communication and relationships? 2. What are the four dimensions of the metamessage? 3. What are the five stages of coming together and the five stages of pulling apart? How does the couple’s communication vary in each stage? 4. What does relational perception theory assert? What is “behavior” and what is “experience?” How do they compare? What are the differences between direct perspective and meta-perspective? What is a spiral? What is a unilateral and a bilateral spiral? Why do we like perceptual accuracy and dislike spirals? What can we do to prevent spirals? 5. What do Jourard’s and Altman & Taylor’s theories of self-disclosure assert? What is considered rewarding or non-rewarding self-disclosures?
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