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Chapter 11 1. The “touchdown Jesus” statue outside the stadium is a major attraction in Notre Dame. I am not sure whether it was built for an aesthetic consideration, but it does attract many travelers. 2. The discovery of tainted baby formulas is a catalyst in Chinese government’s decision to strengthen food safety oversight. 3. Gossip magazines are often sued by celebrities for disparaging their marriages, but the reality is that their tie-the-knots seem whimsical when many have a failing record of maintaining long- term relationship. 4. Roger Federer has never been trying to
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Unformatted text preview: ingratiate Media and tennis fans even though he remains the most popular tennis player in the world. 5. More and more big box-office movies release their sequels, but they often out to be flub dubbed and insipid . 6. Many people question the propriety of paparazzi unscrupulously digging dirt out of celebrities’ daily life. 7. Alfred Hitchcock is a suspense movie virtuoso that so many years after his death, he is still considered peerless in making suspense films. 8. Republicans often give vitriolic attacks on homosexuals....
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