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Chapter 1 1. From the result of election of Democratic presidential candidates in South Carolina, we can tell that many people have an affinity for Sen. Obama. 2. Yi Jianlian, a fledgling basketball player from China, is trying to impress fans in NBA. 3. Some people don’t like presidential candidate debates because the policies discussed there are nothing new but hackneyed . 4. During the Australia Open final, both players got irritated by the speculators’ incessant shouting. 5. Bill Gate is famous not only for his opulence but also for his generosity. 6. The parents who move only for the education of their children know that proximity to a good school is important.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Countering the opponents well is deemed to be a sagacious strategy during the presidential election. 8. Although Putin cannot be elected as a president for the 3 rd term, it’s reported that he will take part in the election of the Prime Minister of Russia, which indicates that his power is difficult to be supplanted. 9. Every presidential candidate desires to have an unassailable position on their policies, but it seems impossible because the opponents are always able to find an angle to attack. 10. Compared to the NBA players’ tight jerseys and shorts in the earlier era, they are more voluminous nowadays....
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