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Chapter 3 1. Yahoo and Microsoft offer many similar functionalities such as email and instance messenger, they have to coalesce after the acquisition. 2. After the opulence of the Tang dynasty, Chinese empire became a decadence of feudalism. 3. Michael Jordan is widely regarded as an exemplary NBA player. 4. Going back to China was exuberance to me. One incidenta l reason was that we got upgraded to the business class.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Enron ended up insolvent because of its fraudulent accounting practice. 6. Compared to many celebrities who lead prodigal life, Bill Gates is parsimonious. 7. Valentine day is coming, and I am looking for a surreptitious gift for my husband. 8. The former president Bill Clinton writhed with embarrassment when asked about his affair with Monica Lewinsky....
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