Chapter 5 - the eloquent speeches. 7. My husband has...

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Chapter 5 1. An environmental activist said that reconfiguring the streambed would allow the creek to meander more naturally. 2. The crowd shared a moment of levity during the gripping tournament when Tiger Woods’s caddy dropped the golf bad for the 18 th hole approach. 3. During the period of the long-distance relationship with my husband, I have vacillated for whether to come to the U.S. or not. 4. A dearth of snow is normal in South of China in winter, but such heavy snow this year is extremely abnormal. 5. The copious and endless rain in California keeps me from playing tennis. 6. “I Have A Dream” written and addressed by Martin Luther King is deemed as the one of
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Unformatted text preview: the eloquent speeches. 7. My husband has trouble on understanding the jargon on computer science in Chinese. 8. The NBA championship which the Miami heat won in 2006 substantiated the wise decision of having Shaq. 9. Monta Ellis is such an unobtrusive player that the fan in the Golden State Warriors did not put high expectation on him. However, his great performance won the rookies of the season last year. 10. Taking English class makes me know how to focus on the major theme instead of some peripheral ones....
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